Month: November 2018

Ripple moves into China with AmEx and LianLian Group entry: Providing reach to XRP-powered xRapid through multi-hop

American Express has recently announced that they will be commencing their entry into the Chinese market, which has been predicted as being the biggest card payments market by late next year. This move was made as a joint venture with LianLian Group and is the first venture to not process payments through the state-controlled UnionPay […]

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More than 40 METEC Management Officials and Security members detained by Police

More than 40 former officials of the Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) and members of intelligence have been detained, The Reporter has learnt. According to sources, MetEC management and members of the security intelligence were detained yesterday, November 9, 2018. Sources also added that they were put under custody at a meeting they were attending […]

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Breaking News: Over 160 generals are fired from Ethiopian army

Over 160 generals fired from Ethiopian army. Sources close to the Prime Minister disclosed that over 160 army generals have been let go in a major reform by Abiy Ahmed’s government in the upper echelons of the army that was overwhelmingly dominated by ethnic Tigrayans and members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). In […]

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