Abeba Aregawi suspected of dopping: Banned substance found in her blood sample

Abeba Aregawi, 25, is Swedish biggest athletics star right now.
During the last three years she ran home World Championships and European Championships silver outdoors, World Championships and European Championships indoors – and recorded for three Swedish record.
But now comes the news then that casts shadows over everything.
“Totally unacceptable”
Swedish Athletics Association writes in a press release that Aregawi has tested positive for a banned substance and disabled pending the analysis of the B sample. 

– It is with dismay and with extreme disappointment we have to leave this statement, says Stefan Olsson, general secretary of the Swedish Athletics, in the press release.
– We are totally opposed to all forms of cheating, doping and illicit funds. We have a zero tolerance, and this is totally unacceptable.
According to information provided to the Sport Express Aregawi tested positive in early January.
The agent uncomprehending
She has asked for an analysis of the B sample, which is thus a new analysis of the blood / urine provided by the athlete at the time of testing. Even if the test shows traces of doping she risks a shutdown in two years.
– We do not understand anything. We are trying to sort this out right now, says his Dutch manager Jos Hermens.
– This is very strange.
The news comes just two days after Sports Expressen revealed new details of Ababa Aregawis background.
In documents from the Tax Aregawi confessed that she had never been resident in Sweden and that she submitted false information to the Immigration Service when she applied for Swedish citizenship.
Ababa Aregawis recent contest for Sweden was Finnkampen at Stockholm Stadium last year when she ran home victory in the 1500 meters. 

Reactions from the Swedish athletics world not long in coming.
– It is terribly tragic, of course, for everyone involved, says Olympic hero Stefan Holm.
– All will be dismayed and sad. It is a very hard blow to all who struggle and toil for Swedish athletics, says Sweden coach in athletics, Karin Tower Klint.
Prohibited substance: meldonium
TT reported Monday evening that the A sample contains traces of the banned substance meldonium.
Studies have shown that meldonium improves energy metabolism in the heart muscle cells – and is used in treatment including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, says Åke Andrén-Sandberg, a medical expert at the Swedish Sports Doping Commission.
– Today it can be considered reasonably safe to meldoniums effect can be traced to the mitochondria ( “cellular power plants”), which is interesting because mitochondria are found in all cells in the body, making it possible to meldonium could affect any organ in the body that can benefit a better energy metabolism, says Andren-Sandberg said.
– This has been used to some degree in the study of neurons and thus there are small studies (or hypotheses) to use the preparation after stroke as well as in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. One can not see that there is scientific evidence showing that the preparation has no effect in this context. There is a report which claims that meldonium increases alertness and another that increases learning ability.
The subject ended up on the international doping agency WADA’s list only on 1 January this year.

Source: Swedish newsletter 

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