Top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women: From a Foreign Point of view

Ethiopia holds the charm and mystery to millions of people all around the world and Ethiopian women are mystifying in their appearance. Dating is basically a social action carried out as a pair with a sort of intention of each evaluating other’s suitability as their spouse or beloved, in an intimate relationship. Ethiopian women are exclusive to date and they are not only amiable but quite compatible with their approach. May be that is the reason for Moses to marry a sacrosanct Ethiopian woman.

They are very much cautious about dating as they don’t actually date anyone outside their community. But these days things have become a bit relaxed and men from the outer world are getting a chance to impress these beauties. A man must know sufficiently about them while moving forward in arranging a date. We are about to offer feasible Top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women than to anyone else.

10 Strong Reasons Why You Must Date Ethiopian Women 

Exotic splendor

Ethiopian women can make excessive claims for being one of those beautiful women existing on this planet. Their curves and contours along with their subtle jaw line and mesmerizing eyes, frizzy lively bouncing hair makes them quite tempting. These girls often appear to be a fusion of African, Indian, and maybe Arab. Their surreal pattern and their hair texture demand attention from onlookers irrespective of age and sex. They do not appear to be angelic but human in gorgeous natural exterior.

Incomparable stance

Ethiopian women are those women who deserve to be called naturally beautiful. This beauty has a mystifying edge but they don’t overdo it with loud ghastly makeup. They do not show off their curves or try to look seemingly sensational by exposing part of their bust but they are such beauty that you will be bound to honor them and spend hours with them without checking your time gear.

Moral Attitude

Ethiopian women are quite ethical and this feature they don’t flaunt but naturally comes out in their attitude and expression. They are not only appealing but they can be deemed as a rare combination of beauty and morality. They can be relied upon and a worthy confidant they often proved to be. They have in mind their heritage and they maintain their behavior. They carry a super woman stance wherever they go and some way or another influence their partners or people surrounding them. This is one of the foremost top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women.

Cool and compliant

Unlike other women, Ethiopian women are not only ethical in their behavior but quite submissive and modest. They do not get excited or outraged easily. They have a sense of modesty which is evident in their words and body language. They have a sense of legacy and they go exactly according to that. You will find them unpretentious and quite natural. When they laugh or talk there is no inch of superficiality and shrewdness. Hence they make the best wives with their compatible attitude. They are actually well cultured.

Caring and hard-working

 Among top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women the most prominent is, you don’t find them feigning to be pampered like just came out of a doll’s house. But they have that hard-working and struggling mentality. They are not harsh rather excessively caring. You will notice some motherly affection in their disposition. They will watch over you and take care of your little hitches. They know the meaning of love and how to show it. 

Not outrageous yet expressive

These Ethiopian women know how to show their love with tenderness. They are quite down to earth and it feels great to love them. The way their response and loves back is incomparably outstanding. You will not be sick of their nagging rather they will caress you and make you feel comfortable whenever you happen to be them. They are not only beautiful and smart but loving and caring.

Self respect

These girls do not force you to spend money extravagantly on them. But they would try to take some share with them if you are on dieting. They are quite aware of their culture and heritage and they will in no way stigmatize it by making you spend dollars over them. 


You will find them to some extent spiritual. Though few of them are getting a chance to grow in American setting but still they haven’t forgotten their religion and in no way dealing with anti Christian activity. So you will be quite safe in determining that mixing will they won’t lead you to religious damnation of any kind. They are mostly standard Christians.

Fun loving

These Ethiopian women are quite fun-loving and they hardly entertain any kind of morbid activity. Whether it’s a party or simple personal date they love to dance and enjoy every jiffy. But they do not do so with vulgarity or in any kind of cheap shrug.

Less Materialistic

Lastly one of the top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women is that they maintain their chastity and they are less money oriented. Though maximum of them belong to poor families but they have fixed moral values and that determines their less materialistic mind-set. Though maximum of them is trying to get away from their economic stringency but they do not overlook their values and principles.


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  • yashua 8 years ago

    The way I see it is some ethiopians are made because they are assuming that this article was written by and african American male and african Americans must remember our extended african family don’t understand us and they don’t like african Americans. But our african family from the continent forget that it was african Americans of the civil rights movement that made it possible for any foreigners to come and reap the benefits of what this America has to offer. Most ethiopian men don’t like african American men with ethiopian women anyway so it doesn’t surprise me that people got angry about the article and that just proves my point. People are angry because they believe that and african American wrote the article. I am and african American but I am also proud to be and african first and when I see and Ethiopian woman or a Nigerian woman or carribeean woman I see another black woman it doesn’t matter to me as long she is black. The Article was a Compliment to Ethiopian Women and the person was explaining some of the good qualities in the Ethiopian women and he is not saying that ethiopian women are perfect. So thank you.

  • Kilis 8 years ago

    Excuse the disparaging comments. They have spent so much time with the ferenjis they have assimilated. Feminazis have no values as wives and degrade and rebel against all conventional standards.

  • Sitotaw Siamir 8 years ago

    Can we just admire and appreciate their nature than trying to make it political all love to those who took the comment positively.

  • Seya 8 years ago

    Funny reading the comments lol our girls are not for sale can find all sort of girls everywhere but I think the person who wrote this article misses the big point ….its because they don’t know their rights they are being humble as you described. ..but once they know their actual rights then you will not feel the difference between them and other women…Al women are as beautiful as it gets except for how you treat them ..

  • Awsnap 8 years ago

    I’ve been around them. My experience and that of a lot of others was they don’t rock with plain ol American/Caribbean black folks, especially dark skin. You might get a pass if you’re a “Pretty Ricky” tho(think Lou Williams/Rick Fox). And they make it clear. They were real snobs in DC and LA. No love. Mad rude. Looking down on the rest of us. I remember one of my classmates being particularly enraged about it. He could never let it go. Sometimes, I had the feeling he would do something drastic. But he didn’t. He just ranted. and ranted. and ranted. Like this post.

  • Emuye 8 years ago

    And for million more reason…

  • Almam 8 years ago

    I think the article confuses ‘Ethiopian women’ with ‘Utopian women’. Countless number of incorrect statements.

  • Yovdar 8 years ago

    This article is so simple, I can’t believe it passed the editorial staff. How dare you guys say we should be honored?
    Like wtf. It’s stupid ass beliefs like this that make men back home think they can just throw a wife over their shoulders and kidnap her. Because she’s “submissive” but a good woman right?

    Bullshit. I know some stupid, ugly, immoral Ethiopians. Just like any other race. And personally, I put a leash on all my men. Glad you had a good catch once, but we’re not all the same. If you don’t know why so many women are insulted 1) Don’t write articles that will be read by the international community 2) don’t write about something you don’t know much about- WOMEN.

    – Beautiful Ethi woman.

  • Gabby 8 years ago

    Hahaha hahaha this is a joke! Bullshit article! As if women all over the world aren’t exploited enough! Desperate attempt to traffic Ethiopian women!

  • mike 8 years ago

    All women are the same!! there are good women and bad women all around the world including Ethiopia. there are bad bitches, ratchet hoes, sluts… Also good, loyal, grateful women in Ethiopia don’t get it twisted

  • Dawit 8 years ago

    In the past yes, Ethiopian more or less were the way you described them but not sure if that’s good thing for them. They are well cultured and religious people with high moral values, but not spritual at all in fact some of them have became more of materially driven, and unless in the rural areas no more to be found those women you tried to describe.

    You seem you have been fade up with your own country girls so you choose the innocent one who puts up with your arrogance. You objectifying them so much and almost it seems you are putting them on sale to those divorcees and lonely men out there. Marriage takes understanding, knowing each other’s upbringing and background, knowing this makes it easier to communicate with each other’s well beyond words and physical appearance. Unless you born and bread in Ethiopia there are so many things you don’t and can’t understand specially the emotional part.
    I wasn’t expecting this from descent human being, you should encourage them to be independent and liberated women, not onjectifying and putting them back in to modern slave and master relationship.
    They have been suppressed, abused, exploited and robed their dissency and pride, in fact they need cultural revolution. Some of them they don’t even know what have been done to them to behave in such way.
    I know they are beautiful souls need to be freed like your country women then if she chooses to come back to you it will truly be the matter of love and freedom of choice. Some of Ethiopian women I know are in interracial marriage, they spoke highly of their foreign husbands kindness and how they respect them but for some clearly unidentified reason deep inside they don’t feel complete. They said there is something missing, no matter what privilege are given emotionally are not fully connected like it happens with their kind background. I am not being racial or generalising all are the same, in fact some of them are compatible and easily get along with their foreign partners.
    There was a saying I red somewhere but don’t remember who wrote it or the title of the book, anyhow it may described it well “you can not sign a contract with a prisoner”.

    • Metages 8 years ago

      Thank you Dawit. Well said

  • Natan 8 years ago

    I really hate this article because of the bad writting. Can you please grammar check and learn how to write before you start writting misogynistic articles?

    • Natan 8 years ago

      Also, the original article is here (probably not an Ethiopian writer):

      • Melody 8 years ago

        Thank you! I didn’t want to point out how poorly written this is because there much much bigger problems here. I appreciate that you’re a man (and an Ethiopian based on your name) and still take issue with this piece of garbage. Thank you, Natan.

  • Robel A. 8 years ago

    Man! You may add unpredictable to your list of qualities. My sisters here; I wonder if you get insensitive if he was talking about why not to get near an Ethiopian women.

  • Melody 8 years ago

    I can’t believe someone actual wrote this in good faith and not as a satirical piece. It makes me think the author must be a kind but extremely simple minded person who has no knowledge of *any* gender equality movements. Like someone said above anyone who doesn’t live under a rock in this day and age should know not to call anyone “exotic” and never to pressure women into subservience by lauding their “submissive” qualities. I am partly outraged at the commodification of women in this article and partly amused that a well-intentioned adult actually produced this. This is a classic example of “alawaki sami nift yilekelikal”

  • mulugeta h.Selassie 8 years ago

    Don’t be emotional, just take it as a complement. I ain’t got a fig that is flirting nor trying to propose otherwise. As a matter of fact, it’s a bit exaggerated. There are beautiful women round the globe, but if the writer is immensely attached with Ethiopian women other than beauty in which he aptly demonstrated, I kind of take it with much love.

  • Sosena 8 years ago

    What the actual fuck!!! This article passes off Ethiopian women as mere commodities that are up for auction, what the hell!!!
    Whoever wrote this article is a blatant pervert and I’m not even apologizing! How can you objectify women like this? And what’s sadder is that you may not even realize what you did!
    It is entirely possible to express your admiration for a group of women without sounding desperate and idiotic. Worst article ever!

    • FD 8 years ago

      I am an Ethiopian women and I am confused by some of the comments. Some said the article objectified Ethiopian women and some say its putting the ladies for auction. PPL know the difference between auction or being objectified and dating. It only stated very high quality characteristics of most Ethiopian women if not all. And those qualities in my belief are what most ppl look for in a relationship.
      So why are ppl getting angry that others actually paid attention and took the time to say good things about Ethiopian women. Its not everyday Ethiopian women are complimented like that. Infant other places, they are being disgraced. So If people actually respected Ethiopian women so much and they decided to say something about it, why go mad??? Unless you don’t think you posses those qualities!!! I for one appreciate the article b.c I give myself a hight standard and agree with the article!!!

  • tsehai abate 8 years ago

    What a compliment!! Thank you

  • Me 8 years ago

    In the morning u will get the best firfir. For lunch 4 different stew and dinner amazing wot/kitfo. The coffee ceremony is a killer too and humble behaviour.This will bring the point to 15.

  • Marcus 8 years ago

    WOW! I can see this article has rubbed some of you the wrong way. I would implore you to consider a different perspective. In the US, for instance, many men have come to the conclusion that a woman born and raised in America is not suitable for marraige or any type of long-term relationship. The simple and pure idea of love, marraige and family takes a backseat to money and worldly posessions. We are increasingly getting visas and passports so that we can fly to and discover, meet and possibly find our brides/soulmates. Most of us are directed to Brazil and South America. If all we wanted was a beautiful looking woman or a night of wild sex we could stay right here in the US but what we are looking for is what’s on the inside of a woman. Character, morals, family values, honesty, faithfulness and overall a classy woman. Someone who doesn’t have a problem honoring her commitment to her man, her marraige or her family. The Ethiopian woman is beautiful not only for what we see on the outside but because of who she is on the inside. Why take offense to an article that only tells the truth. You are not for sale but you are in high demand for a good man looking for his soulmate.

    • heartattck25 8 years ago

      Marcus you might have meant well but your article comes off as stereotypical. We are just like other women in any part of the world. We don’t like being put on a pedestal and having labels no matter how benign put on us. We also don’t appreciate men insulting other women to make us look good. The characters you described are considered old world in Ethiopia right now. We are fighting to have men treat us as their equal and your article doesn’t help at all. “Exotic” “Submissive” “Less Money oriented” “mostly Standard Christians”….. Stereotypes and inaccuracies everywhere. So you can understand why we are upset.

      • monamomo 8 years ago

        thank you. I can’t have said it better.

  • selam 8 years ago

    What the fuck is this???? We up for sale now? “They are actually cultured” what??

  • Helina 8 years ago

    Stupid objectifying article as if you are selling a piece for meat for a good bargain to foreign man. We are beautiful but there are beautiful women all over the world. Expand your horizon. I hope one day we can stop thinking we are superior to other africans or other women. This is not encouraging women to be better or praising women for their good work. How about spending less time with self superficial or religious obsession and learn more about the world and how we can expand our mental and emotional capacity. I love my country but it is sad and really petty to read articles like this. You might as well post this on every gate and door of happy ending/erotic massage spas in addis. After all we are so religious and beautiful and perfect right? We are blessed if we happen to have beautiful skin or hair or other things you mentioned here but nothing to be sold on. “You will not be sick of their nagging”-Hilarious! That being said, we are the easy/white version of africans right? From your article, I assume you haven’t traveled much around the globe or seen BEAUTIFUL women that exist everywhere. It’s one soul to another that connects a man and a woman, not the ethnicity or exterior beauty, at least that’s what I hope. I love my country and the everyday people, but it’s humans like you and reads like this that make me feel embarrassed to be in the same generalization. But I understand we are not all the same. Best of luck!

    • Helina 8 years ago

      foreign MEN**

    • Fiseha Alemayehu 8 years ago

      Thank you ! U mean it the whole

    • Ammorraw Ethio 8 years ago

      Helina, all I cab read between the line of your outrageous comment is, all jealousy and resentment on Ethiopian women. What’s new about dating in this day and age? Just get a life and stop speaking on behalf of Ethiopian women. I know you’re not an Ethiopian.

    • Bitew 8 years ago

      I don’t agree more with everything you wrote. However, I think you somehow expressed your version harshly & felt pitty for the contributor. Just to solicit you to make your comment modestly.
      Thank you so much.

      • Bitew 8 years ago

        My comment is for Helina

    • MIKIYAS 8 years ago

      The truth always hurt, the writer wrote this article from his view, and that’s the fact. I’m from Addis Ababa Ethiopia and I have been traveling my entire life in this planet. I always find Ethiopian women better than the others let’s put it this way I like what I like I don’t have to have reason you agred with everybody is different. Ethiopian women or men are religious so that gave them better Manor simplest like that.