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Menelik, “Conquering Lion,” Merchant Prince

  You talk about your merhant princes in this country, your  coal barons and all the rest of them,” said the man who had just returned from big-game shooting In Africa, “but if you want to find a real, genuine merchant prince you must go to Abyssinia and in- troduce yourself to Menelik.” Menelik is the […]

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Seriously, how many girls are there in this picture?

The internet loves a good brain teaser, whether it be an optical illusion, a riddle, or a puzzle. Here’s the latest one that’s got people scratching their heads: How many girls are in this photo? (and by that we mean, real girls, not reflections). This Photo Drives Everyone Crazy: How Many Girls Are There In […]

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Amazing Photoshop Video Tutorial

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