Protest erupted in Gambella Region Today- Pictures and Video

It is reported that protest is erupted in Gambella region in connection with the killings of more that 200 citizens in last week by South Sudan rebels and the killings of 14 Ethiopians by South Sudan refuges. The demonstrators were aggressive and unruly and Federal police was unfriendly to the demonstrators.

Federal police blocked demonstrator from going to Jawi camp where the killers live.
Now, they are on Baro bridge blocked from going to Nuer area.
Federal police is shooting bullets.

It is also reported that Federal Police and Military are deployed in towns to prevent a possible clash between residents. The situation is highly tense.

The demonstration was spontaneous and angry, not organized.

“There are also reports about attempted attacks on Gambella president and NGOs serving refuges.”




Source: From Befekdu Getachew & Daniel Birhane facebook page

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