Seriously, how many girls are there in this picture?

The internet loves a good brain teaser, whether it be an optical illusion, a riddle, or a puzzle. Here’s the latest one that’s got people scratching their heads:

How many girls are in this photo? (and by that we mean, real girls, not reflections).

This Photo Drives Everyone Crazy: How Many Girls Are There In This Picture?

Figure it out? The obvious answer at first seems to be that it’s two girls in front of a mirror.

BUT is it possible that there are in fact TWO sets of girls in the photo and the reflection is of FOUR girls rather than two… Look at the bracelet on the taller girl’s arm. Is it a clue? And how can her face be reflected in the mirror if she’s looking away from it?

The four-girl theory can take you down a mind-boggling path, but in the end, this Facebook user’s explanation seems like the most likely answer: “Two girls, two mirrors one mirror on each side of the bench, shoot the photo at an angle and BAM! You have a lot of girls.”

And the answer…?
As stated by the photographer herself, there are only two girls in the photo:


Okay, but what colour are their dresses? ūüėČ


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